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How does AMP work?

With over 4 MILLION apps in the Apple App Store and Google Play, it is next to impossible for apps without a large marketing budget to break through. The Associate Marketing Program (AMP) works with established and up and coming app developers to market cool apps and games. 100% of revenue to AMP from advertising, app purchases, in-app purchases, etc. flows to AMP associates.

How do I make money with AMP?

There are two ways to earn money in AMP. One, as you market games and apps, AMP receives revenue. 100% of the revenue AMP receives is given to AMP associates. Two, as you bring more people into AMP, they are placed under you in the matrix. The more you bring, the more you earn. The more they bring people in, the more you earn

What is the best way to market AMP?

There are numerous ways to market AMP. Social Media is perhaps the place to start. Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin being the top 5. Using personal websites and blogs is another great place to market AMP. You also have a potentially productive warm market made up of friends and family. Anyone can have their own AMP App Store. The possibilities are limitless.

How does a 3x9 Matrix work?

You are at the top of your 3x9 matrix which has 9 levels. Your first level has 3 associates, level 2 has 9, level 3 has 27 and so on. Any associate you bring into AMP beyond your first 3 will be placed underneath others in the matrix. AMP uses a forced matrix which means the next associate who joins will automatically go into the next available spot from left to right. As your matrix grows, so does your paycheck. AMP compresses every 60 days, meaning if a spot goes inactive, that spot will not remain dead. Please see the compensation plan for more information.

Why is the iOS AMP Store different than the Android AMP Store?

AMP is what is called an “alternative app store.” iOS (Apple) does not allow alternative app stores. Android does. Because of this, AMP decided to run with an iOS review based store. AMP receives a small amount of money from the iOS version of the AMP review platform. The majority of the revenue coming into AMP originates from the Android version.

How is AMP connected to Voltage Partners?

Simply, AMP is the distribution arm of Voltage Partners. With so many apps in the Apple App and Google Play stores, Voltage Partners needed a way to more easily and efficiently distribute the apps and games it develops. AMP is the mechanism for this distribution. To learn more, go to Thanks for asking!

How are the AMP Store revenue shared?

Monthly Qualification Tiers and Shares
All revenue from advertising, app purchases, in-app purchases, etc. coming into AMP via the AMPStore is placed into one container. The container is then distributed to AMP associates per the tier an associate earns. Associates earn tier rankings by distributing their marketing funnels (located in the back office). When an associate sends their marketing funnels to friends, family members, and others, and they click on the funnel links, those links are counted. The more unique clicks received on the marketing funnels, the higher the tier earned (and the more shares achieved). Shares are paid out Monthly and reset at the beginning of each month.

Tier Unique Clicks Shares
0 0-4 0
1 5-25 1
2 26-50 2
3 51-75 3
4 76-100 4
5 101+ 5

Example: If Maria sends two of her marketing funnels to 25 people, and one funnel link receives 12 clicks and the other link receives 17 clicks, she would have a total of 29 clicks. For the month, she would be in “Tier 2” and would have 2 shares of the container of advertising, app purchases, in-app purchases, etc. coming into AMP.

Who should I contact if I have questions?

You can start with the person that introduced you to AMP. Their contact information is located in your Back Office. You can also send a request to

Will this AMPstore harm my device?

While the Android operating system was developed by Google, it is considered “open,” meaning other businesses can use the system for their own purposes. The biggest Android app store is Google Play, but it is not the only app store available to Android users. However, Google would very much like everyone to only use Google Play. Google scans all apps in Google Play for quality and viruses and warns potential users downloading a file or app from another store/location that it may harm their device.

Normally a message such as this pops up: “This type of file can harm your device. Do you want to keep it anyway?”

Just as Google Play scans all its apps and games for quality and viruses, the apps and games located on the AMPstore are similarly scanned for quality and are virus-free. Since Google has decided to warn users for non-Google Play downloads instead of offering a process to verify compliance for quality and virus-free downloads, AMP users are subject to this warning from Google.

Bottom line: Rest assured that all apps and games downloaded from the AMPstore have been chosen for quality and are 100% virus-free. You can disregard the warning.

What should I do if my GPG Account gets locked for 24 hours.

You should send an email to the email address provided by GPG to get your account unlocked.

How long does it take to withdraw my earnings?

This all depends on several factors. First, we push commissions into the GPG accounts every Tuesday and Friday. You will get an email and text message (if you opted into the SMS txt) when your money hits your GPG account. You can then transfer your money from GPG to your bank account or card (depending on which options are available to you). Direct Deposit can take 2 -3 business days. Card Transfers can take 4 - 6 business days.

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